This is an ongoing project that began in January of 2021.

However a portrait study had been in my mind for a year or so previous, i just couldn't work out how to execute it conceptually. I wanted to achieve something that could be abstract yet specific- but sort of in the middle between those two definitions. 

I love the work of Thomas Ruff, the German artist associated with the Kunstakadamie of Dusseldorf. Especially his portrait series from the 1980's- so that was my main point of reference for my own series. 

Although i'd hazard to guess i have a little more of a cavalier approach that he. 

What i feel is truly of the most importance though, is the use of analog film as opposed to digital. I.e. The participant can never ask to see what they look like straight after the shot is taken, like someone might do after shooting digital. Film connotes to something more serious and all-together more magical. The participant believes that what is happening is important, just as much as i do. 

It's worth noting that Ruff himself distinguishes photography from digital image making, as he points out that 'it isn't a photograph unless it the image has come into contact with light sensitive paper.' 


Participants all aged around  25. 

Conceptual Portait Study.

Participants aged between 27-39.

Conceptual Portrait Study