All of these works were made in January 2019- when I had been deployed in Germany for a month through a former employer. This is a JPEG series, made a with a DSLR. 

To be honest at this time I had very little knowledge of photography. I wasn't even aware of the RAW format capability that the camera possessed, so these were all shot in JPEG. My method here was to use my camera as a mirror to capture and document my surroundings. 

Some of these I think will always remain my most cherished photographs or images per say. Especially the first one, which was taken in the 'Maximiliansforum', an arts space in Munich.  

Over the past year I've enjoyed the process of selection and curation of this series, as I've had to retrace where some of them were actually taken. I think now in the digital era, we take for granted where we actually are in the world at any given moment, as we continue to be absorbed in our screens- especially when navigating to an unknown location. 

All works made January 2019.