This piece was exhibited at the 2020 virtual masters degree show, at the Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. Where I was an MA student during the 2019/2020 academic year.  

The precise, frontal, very matter of fact composition was inspired by the Dusseldorf School Of Photography movement, but the spectacle itself echoes a strong cinematic.language.  

It was achieved by combining multiple exposures of the same scene to create one final image. What you see is a combination of 15 different images. The result being an extended representation of time through a still, singular image.  

An extended representation of time. River Dee. Aberdeen, Scotland
An Extended Representation of Time. River Dee Aberdeen, Scotland

The selection below is based on the same principle and ideas as the 'River Dee' piece above. They aren't necessarily to be viewed as a body of work, but rather as individual images or artworks. 

However i do feel they form their own language, especially when seen as a typology like below.