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My name is Denis Gallen.

I walk a lot...

Not always with a camera; sometimes I see an interesting composition within a certain space, then go back with the camera and basically just wait until something happens. 


People can be of interest too, it's usually easier to photograph strangers than people I know, 
but I don't always have the desire or courage to do so. 

I am led by a sense, an energy or a feeling.

When living in Paris I once met a man from Rome on my lunch break, he couldn't find the train station so I took him myself. We managed to communicate in broken French, Spanish and English and I documented that brief encounter as I felt it was of great importance. I recall him looking back at me with a smile as the doors of the train closed shut. 

"Human Existence de Selby has defined as a succession of static experiences, each infinitely brief.
From this premise he discounts the reality or truth of any progression or serialism in life, denies that time can pass as such in the accepted sense and attributes to hallucinations the commonly experienced sensation of progression as, for instance, in journeying from one place to another or even 'living'."

A man from Rome
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